ISO-TANK Trucking

ISO-tank trucking no matter for hazardous or non-hazardous materials is available in the list of services that we provide. We have completed industrial safety training and
management. All of our drivers are respectively certified for the delivery of hazardous
materials and are also equipped with custom personal protection equipments. but we
also offer safe custom loading and unloading operations with the work or our
standardizing vocational training and emergency training programs to our drivers.
Our client's receiving this service are industries such as petrochemical, high-pressurized liquefied gas, and chemicals.

In order to meet the requirements of Environmental Protection Administration, on the issue of administration of transporting toxic materials from Aug, 2008, our vehicles have been equipped with GPS and have obtained the insurances that are both are required by the Environmental Protection Administration.

Our personals who are involving in this operation are also fully licensed.